Exceptional Lawn Care Services

If you are looking for top-notch lawn care services, you have come to the right place. MetroPro INC Lawn, Landscaping and Snow serves residential and commercial clients in Lake Minnetonka and surrounding areas.

Aside from offering routine lawn maintenance, we are also experts in creating beautiful and expressive landscapes with the right selection of flora. In doing our work, we strive to help the environment as well because we believe that your home should be one with nature.

Turf Mowing & Trimming

Weekly Maintenance services include: Mowing, weed whip trimming, and blowing walk and drives. Clean-up of sticks and debris.


Metropro is dedicated to provide a quality cut every time. We use Exmark mowers. The industry’s leading commercial mowers. Our blades are sharp at all times. All turf areas will be mowed on an average of every (7) days During the season from weather permitting April 1rst through November 15th. (28) mowing’s. Mowing of all turf areas will be cut a height of 3” or determined by local conditions during the growing season. Mowing heights can be adjusted upon request. During rainy or extended dry periods, the mowing frequency may change.

Spring Clean-Up

Service includes Mowing, trimming Dethatching (thorough raking of all turf areas with Metal Tines attached to the front of the mowers) and/or hand rake or blow. Vac & Bag all dead grass. Blow out landscaped areas.


All grass clippings will be blown off Patio’s, landscaped areas, walkways and driveways weekly with each mowing.

Note: Excess grass clippings can be raked and vaced as needed to maintain a neat appearance. Upon heavy rain season, we normally double mow turf areas to spread the excess grass clippings out.

Fall Clean-up

Final Fall Clean-up includes Mowing, trimming Blowing and removal of all leaves in landscaped areas and turf areas. Vac leaves from turf areas. Debris will be placed in natural areas when available, If not we will load leaves and haul to dump.


Weed whip trimming will be performed weekly around all building structures, landscape edging, trees, mailbox posts and where visibly needed.

Although you may not know exactly what you need for your lawn right now, you can choose from the range of services that we offer.

  • Edging
  • Leaf Removal and Property Cleanup
  • Mulching
  • Pruning
  • Seasonal Colors Programs
  • Sidewalk Weeds Removal
  • Tree and Shrub Program
  • Turf Care Program
  • Turf Enhancement Program
  • Turf Mowing/Trimming
  • Weed Control

Why Choose Us

Having an attractive lawn gives you a sense of joy. However, lawn care and maintenance may not be easy when you have a busy schedule or if you’re not familiar with the proper techniques. This is where our professional team comes in. We will apply our years of experience and extensive knowledge to give your lawn the care it deserves.

Brands We Trust

  • ECHO
  • Exmark Commercial Mowers
  • Toro Commercial Mowers

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